ISLs safe, easy to use NCK2 5G Noack evaporation loss analyzer enables the most precise testing to meet increasing QS/QA requirements in full compliance with CEC, ASTM & IP methods. Designed for routine day-to-day work in labs with high sample workloads, the NCK2 5G test initiates with a few simple keystrokes. The test can be started with either a cold or hot heating block, significantly increasing test productivity. Smart assistance features automatically alert the operator if any test device is not properly set, and the instrument carefully tracks sample temperature and vacuum throughout the tests duration, providing a digital display of each and recording the values to memory.

NCK2 5Gs advanced quality control features including traceable automatic calibrations with lock-out control and detailed test reports with tracking numbers of all measuring devices fulfill strict ISO 9000 quality system requirements. The metal temperature probe is delivered with an engraved serial number and traceable calibration certificate. Extended local memory capacity, graphic printer connection and PC link enable powerful, flexible results management.

The Noack Volatility Test is used to determine evaporation loss of lubricating oils, an issue of particular importance in engine lubrication. Portions of an oil can evaporate under high temperature conditions, potentially altering oil properties such as viscosity. A low Noack score indicates an oil that will maintain its original protective and performance quality for a longer amount of time. These oils perform better under heat, translating to better engine protection, longer oil life, and improved fuel economy.


Evaporation Loss