HRB 754

The HRB 754 Ring & Ball Tester automatically determines Softening Point of bitumen, tar, pitch, tall oil rosins, and polymeric resins via standard ring and ball test methods. Tests start in four simple steps: insert the sample in the instrument, input the sample ID, select a pre-programmed test method, and press Start.

In addition to performing standard softening point tests, this versatile analyzer is easily programmed with your own customized test protocols. Test selection and other operational commands are entered via the instrument’s easy-to-use touch screen display. The system even includes on-line help to guide you through operational procedures.

The HRB 754 incorporates laser light and phototransistor detection for ultra precise recognition of softening point. “Smart” software distinguishes between air bubbles and the falling balls. Plus, a multi-point calibration table ensures precision across a wide bath temperature testing range.


Bitumen Ring and Ball