VH1 - Houillon Viscometer

The ISL VH1 Automatic Houillon Viscometer provides high-throughput viscosity testing, with quick results using less than 1mL of sample. Initially developed for lubricant blending facilities, research labs, and used oil condition monitoring programs, this method has been approved by ASTM, number D 7279. ISLs automatic Houillon viscometer has an average run time of 60 seconds, and delivers results with the precision of ASTM D 445. Running under custom 32-bit, multi-tasking Windows -based software, users can centrally monitor of up to 16 capillaries spanning up to 4 baths. Results are displayed, saved in the database, printed, or sent directly to a LIMS following user-defined protocols. The VH1 viscometer is a basic model that integrates a single solvent capacity for tube cleaning. For more demanding applications, choose Model VH2 for ultimate performance.