Video Tube Deposit Rater - VTDR

Alcor's Video Tube Deposit Rater (VTDR) is designed to analyze JFTOT heater tube deposits, rate the results, and create a permanent electronic record that enables the operator to send the results anywhere via e-mail within moments of completing the test.

JFTOT analysis ASTM D3241 is a standard test required to certify every batch of jet fuel produced by evaluating the thermal oxidation stability of the fuel. An objective analysis of deposits produced on the test coupon or the heater tube is critical to this test. Since visual capabilities vary, results can be quite subjective. The automated VTDR produces an accurate analysis of JFTOT heater tube deposits each time and result subjectivity is virtually eliminated.

The VTDR is a powerful tool in your assessment of heater tube deposits, although it is important to note that it is not currently approved in D3241 or IP323 to rate heater tubes. It is an ideal solution to:

  • Confirm a visual rating, particularly when near the Pass/Fail line
  • Use as a training tool to build confidence in manual readings
  • Provide a quick screen of the heater tube deposit, all within a minute
  • Create a permanent electronic record of the rating
  • Provide an objective comparison to the manual rater method
  • Offer an electronic record that includes heater tube serial number which can be archived and ensure test traceability (useful for customer audits ).
  • Provide a photo of the actual deposit

Heater Tube Rater Automatic