Micro Dist PMD 110 ASTM D7345
Perfect Core Relation with ASTM D86,IP123

ISLs PMD 110 compact analyzer uses patented principles to allow a true "push-of-a-button" operation making the unit exceptionally user-friendly for field application. This analyzer increases operation efficiency when used for fuel quality screening at logistical points, fuel blending, and in mobile labs. The PMD systems easy to use one button operation and requires no apparatus conditioning or cleaning. Other benefits are the portable design and precise results from the first run. For accurate results within 6 to 8 minutes and a small sample requirement (10ml) choose ISLs PMD 110.

The HDV 632 incorporates everything needed for fully automated distillation testing, yet uses only 0.33 square meters (3.25 sq. ft.) of bench space. In fact, it even features built-in refrigeration systems one for the cold trap plus a heater/cooler for the condenser bath there is no need to run hoses to an external water supply or chiller system.