HFP 364 AS PER IP 170

The series of HFP Flash Point Analyzers is well known by their proven reliability, superior design and quality. The HFP series has been designed to save you time, money and bench space. The HFP 362 automatically determines flash point in strict compliance with test methods relating to the Abel Flash Point method. In addition to standard test methods, the HFP may be programmed with as many as 19 user-defined test protocols and to test for samples with an unknown flash point.

To increase test productivity on products having elevated flash point, there is a capability to start with fast heating rate. The instrument automatically switches to the standard heating rate at appropriate temperature to assure accurate result. When flash point is detected, results are automatically corrected for standard barometric pressure and displayed on a bright, easy to read HFPs graphics readout and can also be output automatically on an optional printer or computer system. The Herzog token ring system allows easy resource sharing and facilitates a LIMS connection.

The series of interchangeable test modules allow quick, easy switches from one test method to another. The HFP automatically recognizes the type of module installed, and you can begin another standard method testing in minutes.