FZP 5G2s

Long duration flight at high altitude subjects aircraft fuel tanks to very low temperatures, presenting a threat of fuel line and filter blockage due to hydrocarbon crystal formation. Heavy hydrocarbons and/or wax-containing products can change a fuels cold behavior properties, creating significant flight safety risk. Therefore, rigorous control of aviation fuels freeze point is important at all stages between production and aircraft fueling, including intermediate reloading points within the distribution system. ISLs FZP 5G2s provides highly accurate freezing point determinations down to -100C (-148F), helping you assure the low-temperature flow performance of your aviation fuel. It combines a patented built-in cooling system and a unique, patented detection cell into an ultra-compact, easy to use instrument that is ready to work whenever and wherever you are. Simply inject approximately 10 ml of sample and press Test; no pre-test programming is necessary. The unit automatically controls test progress and deliver precise results in less than 15 minutes. Self-cleaning operation speeds and simplifies testing, while smart software features assure accurate testing of difficult and contaminated samples.